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This is from the Mercy and Blessings of my Lord

This is from the Mercy and Blessings of my Lord

الحمد لله الذي هدانا لهذا وما كنّا لنهتدي لو لا أن هدانا الله

All Praise is to Allah Who guided us unto this; Had it not been for His Guidance we would not have been rightly guided!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

NUSAYBAH BINT KA’B رضي الله عنها

1. Who was Nusaybah?
Nusaybah bint Ka’b رضي الله عنها to the famous clan of Banu an-Najjar of Madinah. She was a prominent Ansari woman of the Khazraj of Madinah. Her surname was Umm Umarah.

2. ‘Her courage and bravery were phenomenal’. Substantiate the statement with special reference with regard to her participation in the Battle of Uhud.
Nusaybah رضي الله عنها defended the Prophet (peace be upon him) gallantly at a most critical moment in the Battle of Uhud. When the fighting turned against the Muslims, many of them fled, leaving the Prophet exposed to his Quraysh enemies. Nusaybah, however, fought bravely and fought with Ibn Qamiah who tried to kill the Prophet (Peace be upon him). He stuck her neck with his sword causing a deep wound which took a whole year to heal. Altogether she received twelve wounds in the Battle of Uhud. She was undoubtedly a woman of courage!

3. Write a character sketch of Nusaybah bint Ka’b رضي الله عنها
Nusaybah bint Ka’b was one of the most pious Muslim women of Madinah. She was one of the first Muslims of Madinah. She was known for her bravery and courage. She was in the forefront particularly when the Battle of Uhud was fought. She never bothered about her safety and was always concerned about the safety of the Prophet.
Later she fought the apostates of Yamamah and lost her hand and sustained a major wound.
The Prophet (Peace be upon him) was so pleased with her and her family that he prayed to Allah that they might be his companions in Paradise. In the life history of Nusaybah, there is indeed an inspiring  lesson for the modern-day Muslim women.

Saluting the Glorious Messenger of Allah

Peace Be Upon Him