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This is from the Mercy and Blessings of my Lord

This is from the Mercy and Blessings of my Lord

الحمد لله الذي هدانا لهذا وما كنّا لنهتدي لو لا أن هدانا الله

All Praise is to Allah Who guided us unto this; Had it not been for His Guidance we would not have been rightly guided!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dua - Calling on Allah

1. What is the best thing in the sight of Allah? 
Salah offered in its proper time is the best thing in the sight of Allah.

2. What does ‘Dua’ mean? 
Dua means calling on Allah. It is to seek help from Allah at all times.

3. What does Allah say in the Qur’an about Dua? Give its meaning in your own words. 
In the Qur’an, Allah Himself has told us to turn to Him in Dua for help. Allah is closer to man, He listens and answers the call of His servants. So the servants must keep calling on Allah at all times.

4. What does a Hadith say about Dua?
The Hadith about Dua says that when a man remembers Allah, He is with him. The point is that man must take the initiative to remember Allah. And Allah is always there to help him.

5. Should we despair and give up saying Dua, if an answer to our call does not seem to be coming? Why? 
No, we shouldn’t get despaired of the mercy of Allah. We must keep calling on Allah even though the answer doesn’t seems to be coming because no Dua is lost or wasted. Allah knows when to give!

Learn by heart all the Duas mentioned in this lesson along with their meaning.

Saluting the Glorious Messenger of Allah

Peace Be Upon Him